Contact NMRC

Here is information you need regarding who to contact at NMRC, depending on your need.

General Contacts

If you are a media member wishing to contact NMRC.

General questions about the web site, broken links, etc.

Security Talks

If you wish to have an NMRC member discuss security at your corporation, synagogue, school, or brothel, contact Simple Nomad. He has presented to large corporations and occasionally turns up on the security lecture circuit at conventions. He is also NMRC's biggest whore. Other NMRC members may or may not be available or willing to appear in public, but have been known to do so on occassion.


NMRC does not do consultation per se, unless properly motivated. Individual NMRC members may be willing to consult based upon time schedules and rate of pay. Contact them individually as you see fit. Most business requests are referred to other organizations. Nonetheless, you can still write to us if you feel the project might warrant our involvement.

NMRC Members

Some NMRC members are more willing than others to be contacted. Public PGP/GPG keys are available for some. Encryption is encouraged as our site is regularly monitored by various organizations upstream. If you wish encryption, ask a member for their public key. Additionally, consider using Signal as a somehwat simpler alternative.