This is the NMRC official disclaimer

Don't be stupid. Fuck you.

Okay, that is the tl;dr version. Let me state for the record that NMRC is a hacker organization, we've released security advisories, conducted talks at security conferences, and we feel we can safely say that those goofy disclaimers of "do not use this information to commit crimes" and "for educational purposes only" mean absolutely nothing. They are designed to make one feel protected, but in fact have little to no legal bearing.

Basically, a disclaimer is usually some type of agreement between parties and is often included in something like an "I agree to your fucked up terms" in a software agreement, or in some type of legal contract between two parties. Posting a sign that says "not responsible for injuries" has some type of merit at the edge of a property trying to keep someone out of what is a dangerous area, but that's about it. Instructional videos on security and hacking are common, and presentations are made at security and hacker conferences all the time, and while some have disclaimers a lot do not.

As a matter of course, we're going to go out on a limb and state that if you are visiting a hacker website, watching a hacker instructional video, or viewing a hacker presentation at a hacker conference, the risk is implied. So let us state the obvious - don't do something stupid or risky, and if you must do something stupid or risky at least do yourself a favor and try not to get caught. If you expect a judge or jury to believe a defense of "but there was no disclaimer in that DEF CON presentation," well, you need to understand something about implied intent. You also need a good defense lawyer to talk you out of such a completely idiotic defense tactic that isn't going to work.

So in other words, don't be stupid. And if you can't handle that seemingly simple instruction, fuck you.

Last updated 10Jul2023