What we collect and how long do we retain it

We retain logs for the apps and services on these systems for no longer than one month. Copies will exist in backups which last several months, or until we delete them.

Some of the applications here use cookies or tokens, such as the Mastodon and GitLab servers. Typically these last as long as a session, and are not retained after use.

How we professionally deal with your data and requests involving your data

If you're a user of this system and don't like what we collect, fuck off. If you want your shit deleted, you can ask and we will get around to it, but if you really want it deleted we suggest doing it yourself. You're clever, it's a hacker server, do your thing.

If you're NOT a user of this system and don't like what we collect, contact us with details of the information and how you'd prefer the collected information to be handled, and we will work to resolve the issue. For Mastodon contact nmrc_adm[email protected], everything else contact [email protected].

If you're a member of law enforcement and want a copy of logs or any other data from any NMRC system, you're going to need a warrant and you get to deal with one of our lawyer friends.

Last updated 01Jan2023