NMRC Projects


Mastodon Project (link coming)
This will be Mastodon-related, and involve both hardening and bug hunting. It may or may not be related to the web instance software and may include phone apps.
Server Documentation Project
This will include documentation of all public NMRC servers, including various security settings. The idea behind this is that if you live and breath security, you should not be afraid to document how servers are configured, including security measures.
SPA - Single Packet Authentication
This old project from 2005 is getting dusted off and will be reintroduced soon. It basically combines a form of "port-knocking" and zero trust to perform actions on a remote system using a single packet.


These are still in the older website color scheme.

Hack FAQ
The gathering and pulling together of all current NMRC FAQs into one central FAQ. When complete, it will contain info on the major network operating systems and services offered by these systems, including Unix, NT, and Netware. The Netware and NT Hack FAQs have been integrated, and the Web Hack FAQ is also being integrated. The Unix sections have been started but are sparse, but will be expanded.
The goal of Pandora is to provide the tools for the opening of Novell's Netware Directory Services. Once thought to be impervious from prying eyes, Pandora goes where noone outside the red gates of Provo has ventured before -- into the heart of Novell's premier product offering, NDS.